Choreography:  Jodi Melnick

Performers: Jodi Melnick, EmmaGrace Skove-Epes, Maggie Thom

Lighting Design: Joe Levasseur

Sound:  Steven Reker

Notes on Moment Marigold

Entering the studio and developing movement has always been the governing principle of my approach to dance making. I have always done this alone and then brought other dancers/performers into the process later in the game. With Moment Marigold, the need for the aloneness, and loneliness, in the studio evaporated. It quickly became clear that this work needed the presence of both EmmaGrace and Maggie very early on in the process. I was working with ideas of the constant unfolding/unraveling of movement, of gnarled knots and images, motionless movement, pulled from a never-ending desire to create new physical sequences and sensations in the body.Within the plentitude of dance material we reference motifs from previous moments in the piece but not as an attempt to establish a thematic structure. These references are fleeting, used to rouse the work into the next phase of unraveling. The work is driven by our physical expressiveness; the body is the living, sensing, biological plant that we implement as our aesthetic material. The experience of the performer drives the work without it being about the persona. I question if that is possible. Once the work was well on its way to becoming what I thought it was going to be, it changed drastically as it meshed with the actual space, Joe’s lighting design, Steven’s score, and Reid and Harriet’s costume design. This is the nature of it—it is a living thing. These thoughts/notes are just fragments of the palette I was pulling from while creating the work. I am not testing any model that supports or refutes a thesis-—rather I engage with a continuous act of creating. 


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